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What does a boiler installation involve?

At its most fundamental, a boiler installation concerns the fitting of a gas-heated hot water boiler into a property… Of course, in practice there is often more to it than that, including the removal of an existing boiler, the fitting of thermostats, and so on, but the general principle is sound.

Boiler Replacements in Lincolnshire

Often, a boiler installation is really a boiler replacement. Whilst a modern boiler, properly installed, can be expected to last decades with appropriate care and regular servicing, there comes a time when replacing it is more economically viable. As a part of any boiler replacement in Lincolnshire, our members will safely and securely detach the existing boiler and (assuming you have no further need for it) remove it from the property for you, to be recycled or repurposed at a later date. The new boiler installation can then take place, usually on the same site as the original.


Combi-boilers (properly, combination boilers) are a wonder of modern heating engineering. Combining the domestic hot water supply (that is, the water that comes out of your taps and shower heads) with your central heating, combi-boilers are an efficient solution to all your hot water concerns. Lacking the water tanks required by older systems, the combi-boiler is significantly smaller, more energy efficient, and cheaper to install. With timers and thermostats often built in, you can have complete control of your domestic heating arrangements, when possible we would always advise a combi boiler installation in Lincolnshire.

Why choose a Lincolnshire Heating Co member ?

There are any number of reasons to choose a Lincolnshire Heating Co member when considering a boiler installation. Here are just a few of them, as reported to us by  thousands of satisfied customers.

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Our members are based in Lincolnshire and have their roots in the area, and know the region well.

Our members can offer up to 10 years warranty

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After sales care

A new boiler installation performed by Lincolnshire Heating Co member should last you for years, if properly looked after. As part of the after sales service for boiler replacements and brand new units, our members offer you a regular service of your boiler to make sure it is in correct working order, and to head off any potential problems before they become too serious. 

No call out charge

We believe that our members provide boiler replacement and boiler installation service in Lincolnshire at a competitive price in the area. 

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